Work is messy. Let us organize it for you.

Smart notes for busy people

Flowdex automatically tags your notes using AI so you can find what you need in a few clicks.

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Work is hard.

Notes should be easy.


Flowdex automagically builds a knowledge graph from your notes.


Turn your notes into data. Sort, filter, and browse different views.


Stay in the flow and manage your tasks and notes all in one place.
Flowdex is for
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Turn Slack chats into team knowledge with Flowdex.

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How it Works

Perfect for Personal Projects

From meeting notes to journal entries, recipes to academic research, Flowdex is the perfect place for all your thoughts, big and small. Don't let your best ideas slip away. Capture them with Flowdex.

Keep Your Team
In the Know

Wikis are impossible to manage and often get stale. Flowdex is different. With Flowdex, you never have to worry about where to put stuff, but always know where things are when you need them.

Tame Your Recurring Meetings

Flowdex is great for managing recurring work streams, like one-on-ones, team meetings, user interviews, or sales calls. Toss notes from each instance into a Flow, and let Flowdex organize everything.

Your Notes are Private and Secure

Flowdex encrypts your notes to keep your data
private and secure.

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